Dozens protest in the pro-Syria regime city of As-Suwayda

Dozens of people have taken part in a protest in the southern Syrian city of As-Suwayda against the deteriorating living conditions including frequent power outages, water supply cuts, and rising fuel and food prices, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights (SOHR) said.

Protesters stormed the governor’s building and tore up pictures of regime President Bashar Al-Assad, Suwayda 24 network reported. Reuters reported live gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the protests.

Suwayda 24 reported that at least one protester was shot and was taken to a hospital.

For its part, the SOHR said dozens of people had gathered at the Al-Mashnaqa roundabout in the city center.

This is not the first time the Druze-majority residents of As-Suwayda have protested and torn pictures of Al-Assad. Despite the protests, the area remains affiliated with the Syrian regime.



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