Egypt orders Israeli pilots to leave domains after visa forswearing

Egypt has requested eleven Israeli pilots to leave its domain after they arrived on Wednesday without first acquiring visas, Anadolu has revealed.

As per Israel’s Maariv, the Israelis got consent to land in Egypt however were approached to leave when the absence of visas was found. The Egyptian specialists referred to “public safety reasons”.

As per the paper, however, the pilots are out of fuel and are not being permitted to refuel. Additionally, the weather conditions were excessively turbulent for them to take off.

“We got a solicitation and we are attempting to assist with the specialists,” Maariv cited an Israeli unfamiliar service representative as saying. “From our assessment, the Israelis got consent to set down the planes but didn’t get visas for their entrance into the country.”

The Israeli paper depicted the occurrence as “strange”. The Egyptian specialists had not given any remark at the hour of composing, said Anadolu.



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