Hamas: Palestinians will break ‘adversary’s fantasies of sway over Jerusalem’

The Palestinian public will break their “foe’s daydreams and dreams of sway over Jerusalem,” an individual from Hamas’ Political Bureau Ezzt Al-Resheq said yesterday.

“The picture that the foe is giving itself with respect to sway over Jerusalem is very that uncovered its daydreams and demonstrates its delicacy,” Al-Resheq said in an explanation.

“The Palestinian public will dissipate the adversary’s fancies and dreams of sway over the involved city of Jerusalem.”

The senior Hamas pioneer proceeded: “This picture demonstrates to the world that the Israeli occupation government, armed force, and pilgrims are just cheats, and they can’t raise their banner without the assurance of thousands of intensely furnished fighters.”

Closing his explanation, he said: “The banner of the privateers is a piece of material that has no importance. It bears a hallucination and dream which will be broken soon. Notwithstanding, the Palestine banner will stay high overhead of Jerusalem — the capital of Palestine.”


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