How Erdogan dispensed $ 128 billion in endowments and compensations to his gathering individuals, diminishing Turkey to hopelessness

“Where is the $ 128 billion?” bulletins in Istanbul and Ankara, coordinated by the principal Turkish resistance, which has effectively won races in the primary Turkish urban areas choked by the system, scrutinized the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his decision party AKP.

The move significantly irritated the king. Police eliminated the banners, utilizing cranes now and again, as indicated by recordings shared online by the resistance Republican People’s Party (CHP), which promised to keep uncovering Erdogan’s debasement, blameworthy of decreasing the country to hopelessness.

The AKP on Tuesday would not answer before the Parliament about missing assets. Authoritatively, the whole alludes to dollars sold by state banks to help the Turkish lira on the unfamiliar trade markets. However, the brokers determined $ 128.3 billion, raised from deals somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2020, would be utilized by the Turkish president to pay blessings and prizes to AKP individuals, for their endeavors to work for him and stay silent about the violations submitted by his system.

Regardless of the significant monetary emergency that Turkey is confronting — the most noticeably terrible over the most recent 50 years as indicated by financial specialists — Erdogan and his gathering individuals have become tremendously rich. They assembled dream estates and homes, purchased properties and extravagance products, drawing wildly from the state coffers, just as abusing the assets of the destitute Turkish individuals however they wanted. Unconventional legislative issues started around the 2019 city races and strengthened in 2020, as the pandemic uncovered the weakness of the lira and Turkey’s reliance on outside subsidizing.

Erdogan says the deals helped support the economy yet radically decreased Turkey’s unfamiliar hold cushion, leaving it more presented to the emergency, and resistance lawmakers need to find out about how these assets were utilized by the AKP party. “Erdogan says you can’t ask me inquiries,’” CHP pioneer Kemal Kilicdaroglu expressed on Tuesday, blaming the president for smothering the discussion. “The individuals who lead the nation should be responsible to individuals”. He added.

The CHP initially asked the business inquiry in February, provoking Erdogan to safeguard the tradition of his child in-law, previous money serves Berat Albayrak, who has deserted legislative issues. Albayrak surrendered unexpectedly in November when Erdogan designated Naci Agbal as legislative head of the national bank, who had upheld dollar deals through trades. Agbal was additionally sacked a month ago, to some extent, as indicated by Reuters, in light of the fact that Erdogan was awkward with the bank’s examination of deals, which a year ago cut it's net unfamiliar trade holds by 75%.

Kilicdaroglu said an investigator had discovered that a few banners bearing the blueprint of the official castle were an affront to Erdogan. Offending the president is wrongdoing in Turkey. The king and his gathering control the legal executive, paying off authorities, just as utilizing power. This permitted him to act without risk of punishment, plundering the state incomes without anybody’s control and quieting the resistance through illicit cycles and self-assertive captures.

Erdogan can likewise depend on numerous Turkish appointed authorities associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Characters who have been stuck by the president in key situations in the legal executive, a trade of favors that is turning Turkey back at any rate 100 years.


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