Iran DM cautions Israel of ‘strong reaction’

Iranian Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, yesterday cautioned Israel against submitting any “silly demonstration” against the Islamic Republic, saying “the Iranian public will react strongly” to any animosity against them.

Reacting to ongoing Israeli dangers against Tehran, General Ashtiani said: “The Iranian public, point of fact, will react strongly to any silly demonstration by the adversary”, adding that the Islamic Republic’s foes “will follow through on a substantial cost for any animosity.”

“Tehran has more than once reported that the protection abilities of the Iranian public and the advancement they have accomplished in the specialized and logical fields are utilized to guard the Islamic Republic’s lines and power, and to react to any conceivable danger or hostility.”

“Sinister hands and systems related with void powers resort to allegations when they observe themselves to be defenseless and fizzling,” Ashtiani said, focusing on that “the Zionist element [Israel], which has consistently experienced significant losses because of the Iranian public, has simply had the option to spill out its scorn and outrage on youngsters and ladies.”

Ashtiani added that Iran will keep on fostering its guarded and military may.

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