Israel authorizes a settlement station in Hebron

The Israeli Civil Administration yesterday legitimized a Jewish-just settlement station based on Palestinian land in the town of Dura, south of Hebron in the involved West Bank, Wafa news organization revealed, referring to the Anti-Wall and Settlement Committee.

“The Israeli Civil Administration’s Supreme Planning Council (SPC) endorsed a definite end-all strategy under №521/1/B to retroactively legitimize the frontier settlement station of Mitzpe Lachish (Givat Habooster), adding it to the close-by settlement of Negohot and dispensing 520 dunums of land for this reason,” the panel said in an explanation.

It added that the settlement station end-all strategy prepares for turning Mitzpe Lachish, laid out in 2002, into a neighborhood of Negohot and building 158 new pioneer units, transforming Negohot into a significant pilgrim coalition on more than 811 dunums (220 sections of land) of Palestinian land.

Israeli basic freedoms development Peace Now appraises that around 666,000 pilgrims live in 145 enormous settlements and 140 stations in the involved West Bank, including Jerusalem.

Worldwide regulation thinks about the West Bank and Jerusalem as “involved domains”, and all settlement exercises there are unlawful. Israel, be that as it may, recognizes stations and settlements guaranteeing the last option as authoritative documents of colonization.


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