Israel won’t acknowledge the return of the US office in Jerusalem

Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar said yesterday that the Israeli government won’t permit the resuming of the US Consulate in involved East Jerusalem to offer administrations to Palestinians, Sama news announced.

Sa’ar’s comments came following inquiries by journalists in front of an expected visit by US President Joe Biden to Israel. Biden’s organization had vowed to resume the department which was shut by his ancestor Donald Trump in 2019.

CNN revealed that Biden is thinking about visiting East Jerusalem during his visit to Israel, however, Sa’ar kept information from getting this.

An Israeli authority told CNN on Monday that Biden could visit Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, which offers clinical benefits to Palestinians from involved Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip.

Already, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett dismissed the American intention to resume office. “The public authority under my initiative has more than once explained its place that there is a bad situation for a Palestinian office in Jerusalem,” Bennett said.


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