Macron’s grin after hearing Abu-Akleh’s name causes discussion

French President Emmanuel Macron’s grinned when he heard Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas referencing the name of Shireen Abu-Akleh, causing discussion via virtual entertainment, wrote about Friday.

Recently, following a gathering among Abbas and Macron in Paris, both held a question and answer session and talked about different issues.

At the point when Abbas talked about Palestinian-American Al Jazeera writer Abu-Akleh, Macron and his interpreter were both seen grinning.

Web-based entertainment clients posted the video showing the occasion, scrutinizing Macron and blaming him for being a poser.

In spite of the episode, Macron had called Abbas following Abu-Akleh’s homicide by the Israeli occupation powers to ask Israel to finish examinations concerning the occurrence quickly.


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