Netanyahu blames Hamas for looking for acceleration, as Israel attacks forge ahead Gaza

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad need the circumstance in Gaza to be however terrible as it seems to be in Yemen and Syria to drive the world to denounce Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s representative to the Arab media said on Twitter.

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad (Iranian local armies) can’t stand it when things in Gaza improve financially, on account of [Israel],” Ofir Gendelman composed.

He additionally said that the Palestinian gatherings intentionally need the circumstance in Gaza to decline so they get into wars.

“They need Gaza to resemble Syria&Yemen, so they start wars. They perpetuate war crimes&then they ask the intl local area to censure Israel for safeguarding itself from them. “

Israeli military attacks on Gaza have killed 219 individuals, including 63 kids, in the course of recent days, as indicated by Palestinian authorities. A further 1,500 Palestinians have been harmed. Twelve Israelis have likewise been executed.


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