Palestinian detainee closes hunger striker following 172 days

Palestinian yearning striker Khalil Awawdeh has finished his 172-day hunger strike after Israel’s jail organization consented to deliver him no later than 2 October.

Palestinian groups commended Khalil for his endurance and dauntlessness. Recordings circling show his now skeletal edge scarcely ready to lift his head as he was given some tea to drink. “I’m presently 35 kilograms when I was 86 kilograms,” he said from his emergency clinic bed.

Hamas representative Hazem Qassem said: “This accomplishment is added to the detainees’ record of accomplishments in their continuous fights against the Zionist prison guard.”

This, he added, affirms the “firm assurance and will” of the Palestinian public and that “the mercilessness and pomposity of the Zionist guard bomb each chance to break the desire of the detainees.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine affirmed, in an explanation, that “the desire of the detainee Awawdeh affirms that the detainee development is tough and that Palestinians will protect their opportunity and oppose with their will until they get their privileges.”

It called for “supporting the detainees in their fight, which will begin on Thursday with a craving strike by 1,000 detainees, as a feature of a heightening project to impede the assault by the Israeli jails authority.”

The Prisoners’ Committee of Islamic and National Forces in the Gaza Strip gave an assertion complimenting Awawdeh for suspending his strike, approaching the Palestinians to “meeting behind the issue of detainees and to help the detainee development’s battle.”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in an explanation that Awawdeh will stay in the Israeli Assaf Harofeh medical clinic to get therapy until his delivery, given his basic ailment.

It made sense that the understanding came after Egypt’s endeavors, which had been continuous for quite a while.

Awawdeh is from the town of Ithna in the Hebron governorate on the southern involved West Bank. He has been kept since December and held under a six-month inexhaustible regulatory detainment request.

Regulatory confinement permits occupation powers to keep Palestinians in view of mystery proof that their legal advisors can’t see and hold them for restoration times of as long as a half year without charge or preliminary.


There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them. These are my opinions.

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William Black

There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them. These are my opinions.