Russian President holds first up close and personal gathering with a new Iranian partner

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and his Iranian partner, Ebrahim Raisi, met in Moscow on Wednesday in their first gathering since the last option expected office last August, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Welcoming Raisi, Putin said the exchange turnover among Russia and Iran has been expanding regardless of the Covid pandemic, and the two nations proceed with execution of significant activities and extend participation “in numerous headings.”

Iran’s relations with the Eurasian Economic Community are creating, and the two sides “are effectively working” to make a deregulation zone, he said.

Putin applauded the Russian-Iranian collaboration in Syria, saying the dangers related to worldwide illegal intimidation have been contained, on account of the joint endeavors.

He voiced worry over the circumstance in Afghanistan, taking note of that he would talk about the issue with his Iranian partner, just as Iran’s position on the reclamation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise called the 2015 Iran atomic arrangement.

Raisi said Tehran needs “practical and complete relations” with Russia in all areas, as it will be valuable for individuals of the two nations.

He proposed joining endeavors in enduring “one-sided Western authorizations,” adding that Iran is dealing with lifting them.

The Iranian head of State called “an awesome” experience of the Iranian-Russian participation in battling psychological warfare in Syria, saying it sets out open doors for applying it “in numerous different regions.”


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