The genuine purposes behind Erdogan’s following visit to Azerbaijan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the Azerbaijani capital Baku on December 9, the Turkish administration declared Thursday. Ankara has been Azerbaijan’s first ally in the contention with Armenian-moved separatists in the Nagorno Karabakh district.

Erdogan’s two-day visit will be the first for an unfamiliar head of state to Azerbaijan since the truce, which finished a little while of battling toward the beginning of November and fixed Baku’s benefits from the region. In another unique circumstance, Azerbaijan reported today to have lost 2,783 of its officers in the battling. That is the principal proclamation from Baku on its military injuries. Previously, it just referenced the quantity of Azerbaijani nonmilitary personnel casualties because of the war.

As indicated by “Every day Sabah”, a news stage near the Muslim Brotherhood, which makes purposeful publicity supportive of Erdogan, the Turkish president to go to parties with his Azerbaijani partner one week from now. He will be in Baku on Dec. 9–10 to go to the military motorcade to stamp Azerbaijan’s triumph in freeing the “involved Nagorno-Karabakh region.”In reality, the purposes behind Erdogan’s visit are not restricted to commending the courageous warriors of Azerbaijan, however, there will be long, unmistakably all the more intriguing reciprocal gatherings anticipating him. To start with, from a monetary perspective, Erdogan will talk about how the little nation can repay him for the assistance gave.

The second is the formalization, through a plausible military understanding, for example, the one endorsed with Libya, to send own soldiers and utilize Syrian hired fighters, which should pull out inside a limit of a quarter of a year from the North African nation. While many are getting back to Syria, the concurrences with Russia accommodate these Syrian hired soldiers to be kept involved by Ankara so President Bashar al-Assad could restore his position over the whole Syrian domain. To do this, Erdogan and his officials filled the tops of these great many youthful Syrians with promulgation recordings and other bologna depicting the new “ruler” as Mohammed II, protector of Muslims, just as the new winner who will resuscitate the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan, at that point, will show up in Baku to examine provincial issues, including the foundation of the perception community with the Kremlin to screen the truce, the obligations of the Turkish soldiers, and monetary relations, with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Aliyev consistently said during the contention in Nagorno-Karabakh that if there was to be harmony, Baku needed to see Ankara at the arranging table.

Following the November 10 marking of a Russia-handled nonaggression treaty to pursue an exhaustive goal, Turkey concurred with Russia that its soldiers would likewise watch the truce. On Tuesday, Erdogan and Putin arrived at an arrangement to settle a joint perception place in Nagorno-Karabakh as quickly as time permits. The truce is viewed as a triumph for Azerbaijan and a misfortune for Armenia, whose military pull out as indicated by the harmony bargain.


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