Tunisia: rights watchdog slams ‘unjustified violence’ against protesters

A rights watchdog in Tunisia slammed on Thursday the security forces’ “unjustified use of violence” against peaceful protesters, Anadolu has reported. The Human Rights League also demanded the immediate release of those protesters who were detained.

“We follow with great concern the security attacks on protesters and the arrests of dozens of citizens,” said the league as it stressed its support for peaceful social movements. The group denounced the violence accompanying the arrests, raids, and kidnapping of activists, and rejected the referral of protesters to the judiciary on charges that are not supported by evidence. It cited the claim that property has been damaged, saying that there is no proof that this happened, and pointed out that alleged assaults on security officers are not backed up by medical certificates.

The Tunisian authorities and interior minister, added the league, should stop what it called “the systematic use of violence by the security forces against the peaceful social movement.” The aggressors responsible should be held to account, it insisted.

On Sunday, the Tunisian authorities announced the arrest of six people on charges of assaulting private and public properties during clashes with security forces to the west of the capital, Tunis. Such protests are taking place against the background of deteriorating economic conditions and actions by the security forces.



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