Tunisia’s ex-president condemned to four years in jail

On Wednesday, a Tunisian court condemned previous Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, in absentia, to four years in jail later he was indicted for attacking unfamiliar state security.

Today, the Court of First Instance in Tunisia arraigned Moncef Marzouki, as per the Tunis Africa News Agency, on charges of “attacking outside state security,” and condemned him to 4 years in jail, with the prompt requirement.

The office said that the allegations evened out at Marzouki were addressed in the assault on the outside security of the state, by intentionally Tunisian connecting contacts with specialists of a far-off country whose design was to hurt the discretionary circumstance of the Tunisian country.

On October 15, the Court of Appeals in Tunisia opened an examination concerning the assertions of previous President Moncef Marzouki, the solid adversary of the Kais Saied upset in which he said that he looked to impede holding the Francophone culmination in Tunisia toward the finish of this current year.

Al-Marzouki had recently denied calling for outside powers to meddle in Tunisia’s issues and said during a meeting with ‘Al Jazeera Mubasher’ channel that “While I asked France not to help the upset and not to meddle in Tunisia’s issues, they blamed me for calling for outer mediation. “

He added, ‘Public radio broadcasts didn’t give me the option to react. Saied is the third despot I manage as though history is rehashing the same thing. These are the very allegations that I heard during the time of Ben Ali and Bourguiba According to them, the adversary is dependably a trickster.’

What is recognizable for the situation is the speed of the techniques. In his first gathering with the public authority, Saied approached the Minister of Justice to sue the previous president and common freedoms safeguard, Moncef Marzouki while for the most part, it requires a very long time until the court gives its judgment.


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