UAE stands for Afghan families when no one steps up

The Afghanistan crisis is highly disputable on a global scale. Taliban takeover has made other countries resistant towards helping out the people in a full-fledged manner but the United Arab Emirates is focused and committed to helping the Afghan families.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan had made sure to pass on the directives to help the families and consider humanitarian to be the main ground to help the neighbors. The UAE has been especially concerned about helping children and women who are stranded after evacuation and are searching for a shelter to protect themselves.

The UAE has shown commitment unlike any other country and taken leadership in helping the stranded families. The bravery it has shown in keeping its priorities straight is unparalleled when compared with any other country within the region or internationally.

With these efforts, UAE has established itself as a leader on humanitarian grounds and made it evident on a global level that when it comes to helping a nation in times of crisis, there is no country like the UAE.



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