UN says Turkiye probably best to send salvage groups to Afghanistan

The United Nations doesn’t have search and salvage capacities in Afghanistan and Turkiye is “best situated” to give it following a destructive tremor in Afghanistan on Wednesday, a senior UN help official said, Reuters reports.

“We talked about it with the Embassy of Turkey here on the ground and they’re hanging tight for the proper solicitation,” said Deputy UN Envoy in Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov. “We will actually want to make such solicitation solely after the conversation with the accepted specialists and in view of what is the truth on the ground.”

The loss of life from a seismic tremor in Afghanistan hit 1,000, a calamity the executive's authorities said, with more than 600 harmed, and the cost is supposed to develop as data streams in from far-off mountain towns.

Alakbarov — talking from Kabul — said that, while the Taliban had not yet officially mentioned help from global hunt and salvage groups, the United Nations had previously sounded out nations in the district to see “assuming they would be willing and accessible to send such limit.”

“Our groups don’t have the explicit gear to take individuals from under the rubble. This needs to depend for the most part on the endeavors of the true specialists, which additionally has specific limits in that regard,” he said.

Alakbarov said it was indistinct the way that strategically set up the Taliban were to work and send their groups to the rocky regions hit by the seismic tremor.

The United Nations has transported around 10 tons of fundamental clinical supplies to the locale and sent 20 clinical wellbeing groups, he said, adding that a quick evaluation of the circumstance is being led and no less than $15 million is required right away — a figure that will probably ascend before very long.


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