Winds of upheaval in Tunisia

Consistently in December, the apparition of the Revolution in Tunisia returns, reviewing the soul that propelled the jasmine insurgency in 2011. This year, be that as it may, the breezes of upheaval over Tunisia are not restricted to the media. A youthful specialist ended it all last week by dispatching himself from the 10th floor of lodging on the focal Avenue Bourguiba in the capital Tunis.

The man griped that he had not gotten compensation from the lodging where he worked for quite a long time. The Covid has put a strain on the generally delicate Tunisian economy. The conclusion of the fringes and the night time limitation, expanded yesterday until the finish of March 2021, has frozen a large number of organizations battling to remain open. The focal government has designated help to little and medium-sized undertakings, yet between rents, the board costs, charges, and the expansion in utilities, they seem deficient and inadequate. Likewise, the workers of huge public organizations, for example, the power and gas organization “STEG,” have been in a condition of tumult for quite a long time, prompting the conclusion of workplaces.

The south of Tunisia keeps on experiencing the absence of chances and undertakings, while some Governorates criticize the absence of cooking gas chambers. “We don’t have cooking gas,” says Mohamed, an oil specialist who has been home for almost a year who went to a demonstration in Medenine. Consumed tires and fights likewise in Gasrine and Sfax. The Tunisians are requesting solid answers from the new leader of Hichem Mechichi, which are delayed in showing up. Late features have uncovered the nonappearance of foundations and the absence of assets for medical care, particularly during the pandemic. Today, Badr Al-Din Al-Alawi, a specialist in his thirties, passed on in the Jendouba Regional Hospital.

The lift, on which he was standing, would have plunged more than ten meters. The fall, most likely because of a specialized issue, caused the youthful specialist genuine wounds and breaks that prompted the passing of Al-Alawi. Specialists opened a security and managerial examination on the episode to decide the causes and duties of the youthful specialist’s demise. The episode left everybody stunned, affirming the outdated nature of hardware for this wellbeing office.

Since the Tunisian Parliament thinks about a dubious law on police assurance, there are different fights in the city of Bardo beginning from 6 and 8 October. A few common liberties gatherings and a resident youth development called Hasebhom — which in Arabic signifies “think about them” — mobilized outside the Parliament against the bill. Whenever embraced, it would legitimize the exemption of the security powers, allowing them invulnerability from indictment notwithstanding their superfluous utilization of deadly power. The choice to hold a meeting to talk about the bill — weeks before the tenth commemoration of the upset that ousted Ben Ali’s tyranny — met with analysis by the majority since its introduction in 2015.

As activists prepared illegal, the police seethed against them both on the web and disconnected. These assaults on the opportunity of the exhibition and the right to speak freely of discourse are alerts and affirm the social issues of Tunisia, considered the main effective instance of the insurgency for having figured out how to begin a solid majority rule measure. Notwithstanding the financial and social emergency, the danger of illegal intimidation keeps on choking the youthful Republic, the location of various assaults from 2015 to the present time. Besides, the Tunisian government must face up to European weight for strengthening fringes’ control trying to stem transitory streams. Notwithstanding being a travel nation for a great many sub-Saharan transients and displaced people, the number of arrivals on the Italian banks of youthful Tunisians who choose to make the perilous excursion to the Mediterranean to seek after the fantasy of a superior life has expanded.


There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them. These are my opinions.

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William Black

There are two kinds of people in this world… And I don´t like them. These are my opinions.